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Eat Intentionally.

Forget getting a nutrition degree.  NutriVersity gives you simple tools to fit into the lifestyle you want – and the jeans you already have.

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Personalized to You

Each recipe is automatically scaled to the proper size for you to meet your goals

Each recipe is scaled to be the right amount for you at every meal

Whether you are tiny or a bodybuilder, constantly moving or a desk jockey, each recipe is scaled to be the right amount for you at every meal.

Ben, Victoria, and children

Family of Four


Weight lifter

252 pounds

560 calories

for lunch


Office Manager

138 pounds

185 calories

for a snack

Customized to fit: you

Want a 1600 calorie per day Zone Diet to help you lose weight? Done. Get recipes sized to feed your husband and kids? We do that. Want to watch sugar intake? Done and Done.

Tailor NutriVersity to fit your unique dietary needs.

Feed the Whole Family

Cooking for two or even ten? Add people (a spouse, roommate, parent, children) on to your account to meet your family’s needs. Then, sit back while NutriVersity automatically scales recipes and provides tailored shopping lists for feeding the troops!

Follow a 40-30-30 Zone Diet

Want to follow a 40-30-30 carbohydrate-protein-fat diet? NutriVersity has the best tools to get started on the Zone Diet (40-30-30) and stick to it.

Having a plan gets you that much closer to success.

Shopping lists are auto-organized by grocery aisle, so you can shop faster, eat out less, save money on groceries and most importantly — achieve your personal goals.

Menu creates shopping list

Surprise Me!

Build out your menu for the next week in a second.  NutriVersity’s “Surprise Me!” feature fills in all the meals.  Prefer to swap out a meal or choose the entire menu from scratch? No problem!


Instant Shopping Lists

Plan your menu for the week (or let us suggest a plan that fits your diet). Then with a click, see your shopping list for all the recipes. It includes all the ingredients you will ned to make the recipes on your menu.

Yeah, that just happened.

Just Say No to Backtracking

Ever spend hours at the grocery store because you had to go backtrack to certain aisles?  Now, speed through the grocery store with your custom shopping list, organized by aisle.

Does that make you a NutriVersity shopping ninja?  We think so.

Select nutrients you care about

Nutrients, in the know.

Watching your cholesterol intake? Increasing your fiber? Monitoring your carb-protein-fat ratios?

Tell NutriVersity exactly which nutrients you care about, then see exact nutrient amounts in each of the ingredients and recipes on the site.

Family Plus Benefits
Family Plus

add a member to your account

includes an extra profile

achieve healthy eating goals together

add extra calories for kids' nutrition

control who is eating for each meal

no extra charge!

So tasty he won't even know he's on a diet...

Simple Pricing

Having a hard time deciding which recipe to make is a great problem to have!  Complicated plan options?  No thanks.

We make it simple for you – one plan, with a price that leaves plenty of money left for your groceries.

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