Whole 30 Food

Powerful Web Application
for Managing and Tracking Nutrition

Manage Your Clients' Nutrition with fine-grained control.

More Features Than Can Be Listed

  • Quickly See What Foods and Recipes are Whole 30 Compliant.
  • Eat How You Want To: Combine Whole 30 with Zone, Low Glycemic, or a Custom Plan. (Or Just Whole 30)
  • Easily Swap Out Foods You Don't Like, or Are Sensitive To.
  • Save Time at The Store with Custom Shopping Lists.
  • Stay On Track and Succeed by Planning Ahead.
  • Track What Matters To You: Every Ingredient For Every Meal Shows Your Choice of Over 12 Common Macronutrients.
  • Feel Better By Eliminating Foods You Have Allergies By Avoiding Them or Taking Advantage of Powerful Ingredient Substitution Feature.
  • Know and Control Your Macronutrients.

Powerful Planning Tools
For Nutrition Professionals

Powerful Control for You.

  • Choose which nutrients each client tracks
  • Control how many calories per day (per client)
  • Choose how many meals per day
  • Create plans for clients that follow your requirements
  • Create exclusive recipes and menus only available to your clients
  • Choose from hundreds of recipes already in NutriVersity
  • Easy pricing: Whether 5 clients or 1,000 clients, it's less than $6 per month per client, with generous volume discounts.

Easy for The Client.

  • Easily view the plan you've created for them
  • Menu plans you create can be scaled to feed their family
  • Automatic shopping lists organized-by-aisle
  • All recipes include detailed nutritional breakdown
  • Dietary restrictions? Food allergies? Handled
  • Track their weight loss (or gain) progress
  • And so much more to help them succeed

Control which Nutrients Your Clients Track

Want to teach them to understand protein, fat, and carbs? Great - turn those on, and every ingredient in every meal will show how many calories from each (or grams, you choose).

Got a client that needs to track fiber? Trans fats? Or some other macro nutrient? You can see those too.

With over 15 nutrients for every single ingredient, you have total control.

Detailed Control Over Your Plan
Personalized and Customized Nutrition

You are in total control. If you want to eat 40-30-30, while staying Whole 30 - No problem. Or, fine tune that to be 40-35-35 if you want.

Set rules for sodium, fiber, sugar, or a variety of other nutrients. Did we mention that you are in total control?

Robust Family Plus Features Support Spouse and / or Children

Improve your chances of success - plan meals for the whole family, not separately. NutriVersity gives you everything you need to feed your family, all in one place.

Separate profiles. Separate control over menu plans. But combined menus, and combined recipes, so shopping and cooking is simple.