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Cancer Prevention

Everybody hates cancer but nobody likes cancer prevention.

Everybody hates cancer…but nobody believes cancer prevention through nutrition is real.

What do you think about meme’s that say “F*&% Cancer” or “Give cancer the middle finger”? Cancer is emotional, awful and universally and completely hated by ALL, including me. Everybody is affected by cancer. Yet…everybody seems to think that any cancer prevention advice is fake. When we see someone who has cancer we would never dream in a million years that it could be a result of their food choices-or that some cancer cells could have been killed with certain foods. We understand that smoking causes cancer. Why is it so far out of our minds that our food choices can prevent, cause or fight cancer?

cancer prevention or 'war on delicious'?

Cancer prevention or ‘war on delicious’?

We all have this feeling of “everything causes cancer”. There are cancer warnings on everything; the warnings are on my kielbalsa and my nail polish. So we learn to tune it out! We get this feeling of “OH MY GOSH; you’re now saying (fill in the blank) causes cancer” and we stop listening. When the research shows that certain foods increase your risk of cancer-we label it as a ‘war on delicious’ instead of listening to the facts.

I was exactly the same way. Then I woke up and realized that there was truth to this.


This Ted talk by William Li┬áis great. He asks ‘can we eat to starve cancer? I hope you pay attention! There are certain foods that are actually working in preventing and fighting cancer! They are called anti-angiogenesis foods. In my basic and layman’s understanding; angiogenesis is the process where your body grows more blood vessels. More blood vessels are needed in times of healing a wound or growing a placenta. More blood vessels are also grown when a cancerous tumor wants to live and get nice and fat and juicy inside your body. So we want to eat foods that promote healthy angiogenesis; where your body cuts off blood supply to bad things.

Angiogenesis Inhibitors or Anti-Angiogenesis

Dr. Fuhrman talks about them as ‘anti-cancer‘ foods. They are GBOMBS (Greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds) and should be eaten DAILY. That way when cancer cells start telling your body to provide blood vessels; the angiogenesis inhibitors will say “HECK NO!” and the cells will starve, die, and be excreted.

Cancer Prevention Strategies

Breast Cancer Prevention from Dr. Fuhrman

Breast Cancer Prevention from Dr. Fuhrman

Here are 10 Strategies for Breast Cancer Prevention from Dr. Joel Fuhrman. A lot of these are SIMPLE. Some are harder. I personally struggle with exercising three hours a week. And I can see how tip #10 may not apply to everybody-not everybody wants to have babies and a lot of women don’t want to or are unable to nurse. I know that some of these seem extreme and unnecessary; do you really need to give up fried foods, well done meats, and limit animal protein? Yes. If you want your best shot at breast cancer prevention then follow these guidelines. Don’t tune this out as “oh, everything causes cancer”. That is simply not true-vegetables, fruits, beans, and nuts do not cause cancer. They PREVENT and FIGHT cancer!

My story

In February of 2016 I finally had a shift in my thinking and switched to a Nutrittarian diet. As a Mom with three little kids; I was constantly getting colds and struggling with postpartum depression. Eating a nutrient dense saved me. I now try to eat foods that are high in nutrient density and I limit foods that are low in nutrient density and promote cancer and other diseases. I’m not perfect at it but my quality of life has dramatically improved and I am confident that my risk of cancer has decreased dramatically.

We all hate cancer; now let’s start eating to prevent it.

Whenever I heard advice like this I used to tune it out. I specifically remember being nervous about eating Kielbalsa during my first pregnancy. My loving husband said “no, don’t be silly, that doesn’t cause cancer”. That’s what I wanted to hear! I wanted to hear that it was some silly scientific study that didn’t apply to me. Now I know that it does, I have woken up and I am finally paying attention.

You have control

I hope you will not tune this out and that you will be encouraged that these small changes. They can dramatically improve your quality of life both now and in the future. Print these strategies from Dr. Fuhrman and place them on your fridge. Let this remind you daily that cancer is not only about your genes; but that YOU have control over how you eat and your overall cancer risk. We are not only victims; we have control. I hope you feel encouraged and empowered as you start your journey of cancer prevention!

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