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FormulaZone has been around for over 15 years (since 2001!). Around 6 years ago, when considering features we wanted to add to the site, we found ourselves “stuck” with many decisions that had been made during the construction of the site, and realized that the best course of action would be to create an all-new version of the site, which is how NutriVersity was born.

NutriVersity is a newer, more modern system than FormulaZone.

Both sites offer a similar set of tools, but the NutriVersity version of the tools have been designed to be more powerful and easier to use.

For a good overview of what NutriVersity does, how it looks / feels, you should watch a few of our “how to” videos:


Here are just a few of the comparison points between the two sites:

Things that are fairly similar:

FormulaZone provides a “Recipe Builder”, so you can build (and share) your own recipes.
NutriVersity provides a more powerful and flexible “Recipe Builder”, so you can build (and share) recipes.

FormulaZone provides Glycemic Index information (low, medium, high, etc), and automatically calculates the GI for recipes.
NutriVersity provides Glycemic Index information as the actual GI value (0-100), and automatically calculates the GI for recipes.

FormulaZone offers the ability to plan and save menus.
NutriVersity offers the ability to plan and save menus with a simpler, easier-to-use interface

FormulaZone offers “Family Style”, which allows you to plan menus for you, your partner, and your children (children are entered as a “group”, not individually).
NutriVersity offers “Family Plus”, which is greatly improved, allowing you much more control over planning menus for you, your partner, and children, and an interface that is simpler to use

FormulaZone allows you to enter your own custom ingredients if you can’t find one in the system
NutriVersity also allows you to enter your own custom ingredients

FormulaZone provides you a shopping list for your menu, and you can view the shopping list for a single day of the menu if you like
NutriVersity provides you with a shopping list for your menu (but you can only view it for the entire menu)

Things that are fairly different:

FormulaZone’s “food preferences” are somewhat limited. It allows you to “exclude” recipes with certain types of foods. It allows you to “exclude” recipes with specific ingredients.
NutriVersity’s “Allergens and Lifestyles” preferences are more practical and powerful. It allows you to choose from common “allergens” (Gluten, Tree Nuts, etc) you would like to avoid, and “lifestyles” (Kosher, Vegetarian, etc) you would like to follow. It allows you to “substitute” specific ingredients that you don’t want to eat.

FormulaZone’s recipes show you the Carbs, Protein, and Fat for each ingredient (and totals for the whole recipe)
NutriVersity allows you to choose which nutrients you care about. Carbs, protein, fat, as well as sodium, fiber, cholesterol, and many others – the list is long of which nutrients you can see when viewing / building recipes

Things that are very different:

FormulaZone is Zone Diet / 40-30-30 only.
NutriVersity supports Zone Diet / 40-30-30, as well as other diet plans (although currently, there aren’t any recipes for other plans)

FormulaZone has around 3,500 recipes in the system (all Zone / 40-30-30)
Currently, NutriVersity only has around 220 recipes in the system (most are Zone / 40-30-30)

FormulaZone offers an ingredient “Substitution Finder” (when looking at a recipe, if you see an ingredient you don’t want / like, you can find substitutes), but does NOT save the substitution, so you have to manually make note of any substitutions you want to make
NutriVersity offers a “Substitution Finder” which allows you to save the substitution for that single recipe, or for ALL recipes that contain that ingredient. (For example, you could substitute “Avocado” instead of “Mayo” in ALL recipes that contain Mayo).  That substitution shows up in the nutrition information, your shopping list, and all future views of the recipe

FormulaZone offers a list of “Packaged Meals” (like TV Dinners, etc) that are 40-30-30 balanced
NutriVersity does not have packaged meals

FormulaZone offers a Discussion Forum
NutriVersity does not offer a Discussion Forum


FormulaZone is receiving maintenance only, with no active / new development.
NutriVersity IS receiving active new development. We have a long list of features we are planning to add to make the site even more useful, powerful, and easy to use.

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