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Take control of your nutrition and look and feel great.

Plan. Shop. Eat. Succeed!

Don't give up optimal health because you aren't sure about the foods you are eating.

Reading all those labels and trying to remember which foods have what nutrients can be exhausting.

Doing the math to understand how much protein, carbs, and fat you're eating is complicated.

It can be overwhelming enough to say "forget it!"... but there's an easier way.

Let NutriVersity do all of the hard work for you, providing recipes that meet your requirements, and showing you exactly what you are eating, down to the last gram. (Or calorie. or zone block.)

I really like your software where I can "balance" just about anything, and I don't have to prepare exotic recipes, but just tweak stuff I would normally eat.

- Beverly V

Whole 30 Requires Planning.
NutriVersity Can Help.

  • Quickly See What Foods and Recipes are Whole 30 Compliant.
  • Eat How You Want To: Combine Whole 30 with Zone, Low Glycemic, or a Custom Plan. (Or Just Whole 30)
  • Easily Swap Out Foods You Don't Like, or Are Sensitive To.
  • Save Time at The Store with Custom Shopping Lists.
  • Stay On Track and Succeed by Planning Ahead.
  • Track What Matters To You: Every Ingredient For Every Meal Shows Your Choice of Over 12 Common Macronutrients.
  • Feel Better By Eliminating Foods You Have Allergies By Avoiding Them or Taking Advantage of Powerful Ingredient Substitution Feature.
  • Know and Control Your Macronutrients.

Follow The Nutrition Plan You Want

You are in total control. If you want to eat 40-30-30, while staying Whole 30 - No problem. Or, fine tune that to be 40-35-35 if you want.

Set rules for sodium, fiber, sugar, or a variety of other nutrients. Did we mention that you are in total control?

Plan meals for you and your HusbandWifePartner
(and your kids!)

Improve your chances of success - plan your meals for your whole family, not separately. NutriVersity gives you everything you need to feed your family, all in one place.

Separate profiles. Separate control over menu plans. But combined menus, and combined recipes, so shopping and cooking is simple.